Arizona Pictures

By wpadmin — April 12, 2012

The State of Arizona is known for its picturesque beauty, as evidenced by countless Arizona pictures of desert landscapes, red rocks, stately palms, meteor craters, lakes, mountains and other amazing natural scenery. It is no wonder with the amount of natural wonders in Arizona that it is one of the most highly photographed states in the Union.

Arizona Highways (link) is a national publication that focuses almost exclusively on photography from the Grand Canyon state. Another great source for Arizona photos is TripAdvisor. ( TripAdvisor has a slideshow of Arizona pictures (link) taken by travelers.

Boasting a large number of places worth seeing in your lifetime–from the Grand Canyon to Sedona to the Hoover Dam to Four Corners and Lake Havasu–the grandeur of this state can be glimpsed in Arizona pictures, photographs, artwork, and even Arizona webcams, but there’s nothing that comes close to experiencing the awesomeness of Arizona live and in person for yourself.

While you’re in Arizona, here are some photos of the Arizona wonders you may want to check out separated by geographical area…

Northern Arizona Pictures Gallery (link) – Northern Arizona photos from the Grand Canyon, Havasupai Falls, the White Mountains, Canyon de Chelly, Meteor Crater, Monument Valley, Walnut Canyon and more.

Tucson, Arizona Pictures Gallery (link) – Photos from the Greater Tucson area.

Western Arizona Pictures Gallery (link) – Photographs of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Lake Havasu and surrounding areas.

Greater Phoenix Pictures Gallery (link) – Photos from the Greater Phoenix metropolitan area, including Scottsdale.

Sedona Photos (link to page not gallery) – Pictures exclusively from the red rock country of Sedona, Arizona known for its breathtaking landscape, Hollywood western scenery, geomagnetic vortexes, metaphysical and artists communities.

Tips for Taking Great Arizona Pictures Yourself

The following advice can be applied not only to Arizona photography, but to life as well!

  1. Focus on unusual details in your photos. Much of the scenery in Arizona is large scale and, no matter how grand it appears in front of you and off into the distance, it may not show up well in a photo. To avoid countless pictures of vast landscapes that look great in person but boring in a photo, For example, you may want to snap a picture of the curve of an arch in a sandstone cliff flanked by desert cacti, instead of the whole sandstone panorama.
  2. Create contrast whenever possible. A photograph of a snow encrusted daffodil with a piece of azure blue sky peeking through or a centuries old petroglyph on a rock dominated by a glorious sunrise is better than a picture of a flower or a rock any day.

Play with the angle. It is amazing how different a photo can look taken from different angles. Don’t forget to explore angles you wouldn’t normally; you may just discover a whole new perspective.

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